Our Portuguese Water Dog Puppies
Are Cream of the Crop!

We have left no stones unturned when it comes to the attention and care that we have provided our breeding stock. This gives their offspring the most desirable chance of growing up to be strong and healthy.

The thoughtfulness attention, exercise and proper feeding our adults have received, play a vitally important role enabling them to produce vibrant healthy puppies.

After the dam has completed birthing and settles into her whelping box, she begins bonding with her new family. We as breeders bond by gently but thoroughly massaging each and every puppy from head to toe as we quietly lovingly talk to them.

Even newborns are very perceptible to smell, feel and taste, and react to our movements and to the scent of our hands and bodies as they mouth our noses and cheeks. We freely give our puppies the needed approval and reassurance that will reflect the socialization patterns future owners crave.

Within a short period of time after the pups have settled in and are nursing well we supplement bottle feed occasionally with goats milk mainly to enhance early socialization and bonding.

Portuguese Water Dog puppies are very slow to grow and develop and we usually wait at least three weeks before teaching them to lap.

We start our puppies off with goats milk and add cereal after several days, then give a meal with meat broth mixed with cereal before we finally give a meat dish. We introduce puppy food to them at about five weeks while continuing to allow them to feed off their mothers till they leave the nest.

Top Dog
PWD Personalities!

Our Portuguese Water Dog Puppies have many layers to their personalities. Puppies are adorable and adults are strikingly handsome, while being robust and sturdy with the temperament of a happy working dog.

The first six months of puppy-hood can be challenging with their chewing and digging, but it's difficult to remain upset when they look up at you with their adorable face and perform their clown antics that keep you laughing as you cuddle with your little bunch of fluffy on the couch.

Positive reinforcement not only is encouraged but is a must for this breed. Rather than scolding them for chewing, hand them a toy they can chew on.

We Love Our Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Although raising puppies sometimes seems like never ending hard exhausting work, it also is very rewarding giving us many joyful feelings of accomplishment.

Our dogs love us and the attention they receive as much as we love our interaction with them, so we include them in many if not most of our family activities.

We testify that the PWD- human bond that we have with our animals is a precious blessing in our lives, and we are sure they will be in yours.

If possible, we would prefer you come to our home to pick up your puppy. We can get better acquainted as we show you our home, property, how we raise and take care of our animals, and answer any questions you may have. If you need us to ship your puppy we wait until they are at least eight weeks of age, because PWD puppies are very slow developers. Either way, we can assure you any puppy you get from us will have received maximum socialization, which will enable them to bond beautifully to you as their new owner.