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Hi, and welcome to Stansbury Portuguese Water Dogs.......Home of the finest Portuguese Water Dog Breeders.

Jerry and Lynette Stansbury, have been married for 30 years during which time we have been a breeder of Rottweilers and American Bulldogs. They were wonderful dogs but we literally have fallen in love with our current breed, the Portuguese Water Dog.

We are well aware of the similarities and differences from one breed to another, and recognize the challenges and joys of raising and breeding dogs.

The youngest two of our adult grownup children, Cody and Kerby, live with us and are tremendously helpful giving attention to and caring for our dogs. Our son Brad has his own PWD and helps us with this web site.

Our Portuguese Water Dog Breeders Progam
Is Second to None!

On our property we have attempted to re-create for our dogs the environment the Portuguese Water Dog historically had, with mountains, trees, waterfalls, ponds, fish, and sand.

Some of our Portuguese Water Dogs like and enjoy the water better than others. We introduce our young dogs to water by going into water with them while giving plenty of encouragement and praise. Once introduced they all eagerly go in on their own. Some surface retrieve and some dive to the bottom of the pond and retrieve.

Our dogs have a luxurious very low-shedding hypoallergenic coat that is most generally wavy and occasionally curly. Whether a glistening wavy or a sculptured curly, you will be impressed by their elegance, providing you learn to groom or occasionally take them to a groomer.

The Portuguese Water Dog is characteristically a healthy strong animal known for their strength and stamina, many of which live to be fifteen years old and older. All canines however are subject to diseases common to dogs.

When all is said and done the PWD thoroughly enjoys both children and adult interaction, and my wife and I both agree that our dogs are the absolute most intelligent, precious and adorable companions.

As our PWDs have aged, they settle down and are a total joy to live with. Our PWD's are excellent watchdogs and will certainly let you know when strangers appear. While friendly and cheerful to everyone you approve of and accept, they are obviously loyal only to their own.

Our three males are warm, sweet, loving, lap sitters if you let them. Our nine females like males are sweet, full of fun and happiness, and delight at everything in life.

Females are usually smaller than males. Females may have mood swings prior to coming into (heat period). At these intervals, females continually seek your lap for affection and take turns being flighty or exceptionally quiet.