Stansbury Portuguese Water Dogs

Welcome to Stansbury Portuguese Water Dogs, located in Arizona on 22.5 acres near the city of Apache Junction.

We are virtually in the shadows of the Scenic Majestic Mighty Superstition Mountains nestled in breathtaking wilderness 35 miles east of Phoenix, where the open skies dominate the landscape in a never ending masterpiece of light and color.

Spirited yet obedient, our Water Dogs are marvelous companions with great intelligence and enchanting fun dispositions. They have excellent coats with great body structure; exceptional heads and good tails.

Our Portuguese Water Dogs grow up breathing the pristine fresh air that swirls through the mountain canyons. They dive at will into a crystal clear pond at the bottom of a fifteen foot waterfall that's fed by a deep natural earthen well. Our dogs enjoy the water as a bird does the sky.

We have both male and female Direct Imports From Portugal.

Their silky velvety hypoallergenic coats along with their devoted adaptable personalities make the Portuguese Water Dogs the perfect home companion for many, including those who have asthma and allergy symptoms.

The Portuguese Water Dog shines exceptional in the dog world, being one of the most intelligent and affectionate dogs in existence, while also being a talented performance dog.

Along with being an absolutely terrific companion for you and your children, they will also actively guard your home and your family.

Some other pluses of the PWD include his sunny disposition; his clown like personality; his good nature and willingness to love, amuse and entertain.

Bright and quick this dog can be somewhat challenging, yet a tremendously rewarding dog to own.

Their human like fluffy fur, playful personality and great infatuation with swimming make them an ideal pet for many dog lovers. With their exceptional waters skills they are utilized by some as an efficient hunter/retriever on both land and water.

They are loyal loving spirited dogs with found-less energy, that make great companions for active families. They are playful and curious and are totally committed to their family; having an obedient nature and a willingness to please. They thrive on obeying, giving pleasure, and looking after the family members to whom they are a member.

The PWD's beauty and style has made it increasingly more popular with the rich and famous as well as those who want to own something special that not many people have.

For more information contact:

Stansbury PWD's
4136 E. Stansbury Ln.
Apache Junction, AZ. 85119
Lynette Stansbury: 602-692-3315
Jerry Stansbury: 602-717-6867